The problem with elusive thoughts

Don’t we all know the phenomenon, that we feel an idea coming strong but it seems too difficult to grasp to be captured in words or in a logical sentence? Sometimes it would take volumes to speak in order to explain a whole context that would make this single thought comprehensible. How often, though, do we have the time to hold our listeners’ attention long enough to speak those volumes…?

Be it the scattered lifestyle these days or whatever, but it’s usually not possible to convey more than very superficial thoughts in a conversation.

Not so in music.

There, sometimes, a single phrase is capable of opening up a whole landscape of elusive, yet fascinating thoughts that seem to give a meaning to whole life, as long as the music plays. A well played phrase that comes from the right source – our heart – can contain the whole context and a specific message, since it taps into the vast collection of experiences that we gathered through our whole life. There, suddenly, the bits and pieces fall into place, and everything seems to make perfect sense.

As long as the music plays.

Speaking of me, I seem to have developed a certain addiction to those kind of experiences, where “everything seems to make perfect sense”, and the rest of the time, I tend to be bored to death. This thought model would explain, why some people say, they cannot imagine a life without music (or some kind of artistic content), and that would be a confession, rather than posing of any kind.

The question remains whether we folks have a problem with our elusive thoughts, or whether the problem lies in the nature of spoken language. Let’s take it for granted though, that there is no problem whatsoever as long as there is art.